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Tailored fit. 

Northern Michigan Canvas Shop

Northern Michigan Marine Canvas Shop

Creating custom marine canvas products to enhance your time on the water

Cutwater Canvas is a local, northern Michigan, small business serving boats of all sizes.  We can help you create or fix covers that will protect your boat from the elements of nature, and add softgoods to your boat to increase your comfort on the water.

     There are many benefits to adding custom softgoods to your boat, protection being the most obvious.  Protection for hardware, woodwork, instrumentation, and upholstery that may be many times more expensive to replace or maintain than the cost of a protective cover. Softgoods that act as season extenders enable boaters to comfortably get on the water earlier and stay out later.  Many of our customers use enclosures to expand their living space so weekends on the water are even more comfortable and can handle more passengers.  Other boaters prefer the privacy offered by well placed panels. You and your boaters will appreciate the comfort of solidly built pieces, that can perform under the stresses of high wind or water, yet still be stowed away during fair weather.  

      Use our gallery of photos to choose what softgoods would enhance your boat. 

      Our canvas shop is not limited to canvas.  The marine fabric industry is continually adding new materials to the marketplace and backing many of these materials up with impressive warranties.  Covers are built to breathe, flooring is built to let water pass through, and glass is built to resist cracking at continuous stress points.  All strive to meet the harsh demands of sun and moisture that we continually expose our boats to during the summers.  They are categorized as soft goods, but that does not mean that these marine fabrics are soft performers.

     Northern Michigan sees its share of active boaters on the many sizes of lakes.  Cutwater Canvas is based in Bliss Township Michigan, which puts us close to all the major inland lakes and a few of the big lakes as well.  We've worked as far south as Charlevoix and as far north as Hessel on boats as small as a Klepper kayak docked at a lakeside cabin and as large as a Tiara yacht docked at a Lake Michigan marina.  We come to your boat for an estimate based on your goals, revisit the boat to create patterns, and return for a final fit once the project is sewn, so your boat never has to leave the water or storage facility.  We stand by our work, and will revisit your boat after complete if any features need to be adjusted to the way you wish to use your new canvas.


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