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Sailboat Brightwork Cover

Sailboat Brightwork Cover

Covering the boat's woodwork decreases the need to refinish often.

Sea Ray Captain's Chair

Sea Ray Captain's Chair

The most used seat on the boat can be re-upholstered.

Launch Cushions

Launch Cushions

Inland Water Route Historical Society's Launch, which needed all brand new cushions.

Van Cushions

Van Cushions

Custom outfitting a personal van requires custom cushions as well. In this case, back cushions were sized so that they turn into the perfect size to complete the bed.

Pontoon Cover to the Rail

Pontoon Cover to the Rail

Pontoon covers can either end at the rail, or extend down over the swim platform.

Tiara Attached Bimini Top

Tiara Attached Bimini Top

Replacement for an original Tiara top that lasted many years, but was finally in need of replacement.



Adding an enclosure to a boat can turn it into a comfortable space for extended use.

Windshield Panel

Windshield Panel

A custom windshield added to a boat will offer protection from the wind and spray.

Sea Ray Forward Deck Cushions

Sea Ray Forward Deck Cushions

Forward deck cushions can often have the outer fabric replaced, as well as the keder, which secures the cushions into tracks.

Sea Ray Convertible Top Side Curtains

Sea Ray Convertible Top Side Curtains

This fisherman greatly appreciated the extra weather protection of a new top and side curtains.

Cushion Re-Upholstery

Cushion Re-Upholstery

Sun and weather can take a toll on cushions, which can be removed and re-upholstered.

Pontoon Bimini

Pontoon Bimini

Biminis are great shelters from the sun.

Jupiter Bow Seat Covers

Jupiter Bow Seat Covers

An option to protect boat cushions is to cover cushions exposed to constant sunlight. Covers also protect from animal and insect stains.

Cushion Repair- create hole

Cushion Repair- create hole

Sometimes a new addition to a boat means an alteration to cushions around it. In this case, a hole was created in an existing cushion.

Custom Canvas Services

Fabric can do so much to enhance a boat, small or large.  Adding fabric pieces will increase the comfort of the boat users as well as protecting the value of a boat.  Boat owners contact Cutwater Canvas with a variety of situations: exact replacements of softgoods they already use, additions or tweaks to their existing set-up, or periodic repairs to extend the life of existing softgoods.  


Because the option to buy a new mooring cover, for example, from the boat manufacturer, generally expires after approximately 10 years, a new cover requires a visit to a custom canvas manufacturer.  Cutwater Canvas would like you to consider a new cover as an opportunity to invest in a new product for your boat that will enhance the very reason you head out on the water, enjoyable leisure time. Buying custom ensures a great fit, quality material, access to options specific to your boating needs, and pride in supporting a local business.  Custom products for your boat are built to work for you.  


Click on a topic below to learn the advantages of custom softgoods.

Protection- Unoccupied
There are many ways to protect a boat while it is waiting for you ... 
  • While docked - Cockpit, Bow, Seat, Mooring

  • While traveling- Travel Cover

  • While waiting out the winter- Storage Cover

...from so many elements.
  • Sun + Fading 

  • Insect + Bird Waste

  • Rain + Snow

  • Wind

  • Leaves and other debris

  • High speed travel debris and forces

Once original covers have seen some damage and fading, they can be improved and used for a few more years by repairing any weak areas, restitching the entire cover, fixing snaps, washing in mild soap (depending on the original fabric), and waterproofing the fabric.  Once covers outlive repairs, it's time for new.

A few general questions to consider:

Would you like your cover to be reconfigured to make it easier to put on?  Adjusted to have a tighter fit?

Have you always needed a zipper in a different place?  Wish you had another zipper?

Is there one snap that is hard to reach, or more than one?  Do you find the last few snaps extremely hard and therefore leave them unfastened?

Would you like to change the color of your fabric?  Cutwater Canvas offers Sunbrella, WeatherMax, and many more high quality fabric options.

Cockpit Cover- extends to the bottom of the windshield

Cockpit Covers are designed to keep the boat protected while the boat is not in use, such as overnight at the dock.  These covers have the ability to double as a travel cover in certain situations, but they are not designed for high speed travel.  In order to fit securely, a good amount of snaps are required, which some boat owners try to avoid.  In that case, adhesive studs can replace the standard snap studs as an alternative.  Extending over the windshield allows extra protection for the windshield, as well as protection from the direct sun on the dashboard and upholstery.

Cockpit Covers- to the top of the windshield

You may choose to attach the cockpit cover to the top of the windshield to allow a faster set-up or to provide a sheltered area with some light coming through.  Some boat owners like this as a comfortable way to wait out a rain storm.

Bow Covers

If your boat has an open bow, it is nice to have a cover that can easily be snapped on while on the boat.  It can also be a nice addition if you're out in the boat in the rain.

Seat Covers

Simply covering the seats is a good choice for boats that would otherwise be difficult to cover, for boaters who are looking to protect without having to deal with one large cover, or for those looking to choose which seats are covered and when.  Great upholstery protection from sun and rain.

Travel Cover

Sometimes you can get away with using a cockpit cover or a mooring cover while traveling, especially if you won't be traveling at high speeds.  At high speeds, however, a dedicated travel cover stands up better to the wind, rain, and rocks, preserving the life of your other covers.

Brightwork Covers

Wood trim adds so much beauty to a boat, but the sun is harsh.  Frequent refinishing of brightwork is a job that can be greatly reduced by covering up the brightwork while moored at the dock.  Brightwork covers can be made for virtually any area of the boat to work around lines and hardware and are often small enough to be stowed easily.

Pontoon Cover- over the deck

Most pontoon owners enjoy one large cover that can be put on dockside.  Some boaters prefer to extend the cover over the swim platform.

Pontoon Mooring Cover- to the rail

Pontoon covers can simply end at the rail.

Mooring Cover

Mooring covers are designed to cover the boat down to the rub rail.   Depending on the boat, you may choose to extend the cover over the swim platform.  Some boat owners can use a mooring cover while traveling at low speeds, and there are extra features you could add to allow this double function.  

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Protection- occupied
There are many ways to increase your comfort while boating ... 
  • Shelter from the sun

  • Enclose for heat retention

  • Block the wind

  • Keep the bugs out

  • Add light or visibility


When you add protection for the boaters, you increase your potential time on the water and extend your season.  We have so many lakes and rivers in Northern Michigan, but our relatively short season can be extended by a few smart additions to your boat.

A few general questions to consider:

Is it more important to easily stow a panel, or to see clearly?  Thicker glass allows clearer views, but more bulk when stowing.

Is zipper accessibility height an issue?

Would you spend more time on your boat with complete sun coverage or wind protection?

Do you need new or repaired metal frames for your top?

Interested in changing colors?

Windshield Panels

Some boaters have exposed consoles.  Panels of "glass" can be added as a windshield alternative.  They can still be removed, but the more clear they appear, the thicker and more difficult they are to stow.  Most boaters enjoy the protection from wind and spray and never feel the need to remove the panels, so stowability is not an issue.


Enclosures, also called camper tops, complete the enclosure of the cockpit on all sides.  They include a series of integrated panels, attached with zippers and snaps.  You can add zippered windows alone, or with screens to help with ventilation.  The "glass" can be a variety of thicknesses.  Thicker glass is smoother and clearer, but decreases the ability to roll up and stow away.  If you don't already have an enclosure for your boat, a new set up may involve new stainless steel framing.  

Side Curtains

Side curtains integrate with tops to enclose the cockpit on 3 sides.  Generally they are completely "glass" and can be removed when more ventilation is needed.  One thing to keep in mind is how clear you would like the glass to be.  You will trade weight and stowability for visibility.

Convertible Tops

Also a classic sun protector, convertible tops differ from biminis by their ability to attach to the top of the windshield.  They also need less framework because of the windshield attachment, saving hardware costs.  Convertible tops are the better choice for protection from wind and rain, and can give a fisherman comfort in weather that would normally discourage a trip onto the lake.

Bimini Tops

Biminis are a classic solution for sun protection, both while under way and at anchor.  A bimini is free standing and is supported by a frame that can be folded up and contained in a boot while still mounted to the boat, or removed altogether.  We make new biminis with a variety of marine fabrics.  Our shop uses stainless steel tubing for the framework and can either construct a new frame, or replace damaged pieces on existing frames.  

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Custom Marine products can also mean nice cushions ...
  • A variety of cushion firmness is available 

  • Many colors and textures allow you to customize your cushions

  • Color variety may allow you to match and replace just one cushion on a boat with extensive upholstery

  • Often the base and foam of a cushion are in good shape and only the "skin" needs to be replaced

Marine vinyls are tough fabrics, but on a boat, they get much abuse.  Sun, rain, leaves, suntan lotion, and sand take a toll on the fabric.  ​

A few general questions to consider:

Are the cushion pieces easy to remove?  Some pieces need more labor time to remove and reinstall.​

Do the cushions need to have stripes or other color panels?

Are there "skins" available from the original manufacturer?


New Cushions

Building a boat and need cushions? Many, many options exist.

We do complete reupholstery as well.

Re"skin" Cushions

If the base and foam do not need to be replaced, a new marine vinyl "skin" can be made and attached to the cushion.

Complete Cushion Repair

A rotted base or damaged foam can be replaced along with the skin of the cushion.

Cushion Alteration/Adjustment

Did you make changes that don't fit your cushions?  They can be altered.

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Repairs and Restitches
Repairs extend the life of existing softgoods...
  • Stitching is often the first thing to weaken on an older cover.  Simply restitching a cover can add years to its life.

  • Spot repairs allow a quick fix in the height of the summer.

  • Cushions have a wide range of repair options.

  • A damaged zipper can be removed and replaced.

A few general questions to consider:

Is the fabric in good enough shape so that restitching and waterproofing will buy you extra time?

Can you remove the cover from the boat before it is stored for the winter and send it to the canvas shop?


As a marine cover, top or hoist cover ages, restitching can add more years to the life.

Cushion Repair

Cushions can have a variety of repairs done to them.

Small Area Repair

Simple repairs can get you through the boating season.

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